Monday, August 27, 2007


I just keep finding things from my past that I had completely forgotten. Actually, I thought I may have dumped them long ago. Thank goodness, I hadn't. One item I rediscovered, is my Thesis-workbook from my Creative Stitchery class. That was my favorite class, was thaught by my favorrite instuctor: Anna Ballarian. I found all of my drawings I had made for future projects. Because, for class, I was only able to finish one project. A romantic style wall hanging. I will show it some other time. I'm not sure how I intended to use the Pegasus. Maybe a dresser scarf for my vanity dresser. A pillow, or just a small framed piece. Possibly embroidered on a garment. Definitely, an embroidered piece. I have at least 20 ideas in my workbook. Nice.

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