Tuesday, August 7, 2007


This is a picture of some lovely things my dear friend, made for me. 'C' and I have been friends and dolls friends for a very long time. Even before she and her husband moved away.
We lost touch for quite awhile. I really missed her. But, we are in contact now. And now we maintain our doll interest long distance. That is: 'one' thing good about this magic they call 'The Internet'.
The doll in the picture I have named: 'Eithne'. It means--'Bright Flame'. The doll is a 9 1/2" F.G. French fashion repro. Eithne is a variest jewel. She was specially made for me by the ' Two C's'. The daughter is also a 'C'.
So, far I have only made her a set of lingerie. Chemise, pantalets, and petticoat.
"C' and I swap doll things back and forth. Patterns, cloth, trims etc. Since I had such a time trying to make items for my doll. And I have been feeling quite low. I had talked recently my friend.
And then, I received in the mail , the items in the photo. I.e.; two set of stockings-1 black, 1 white. Two pairs of little boots; 1-red, 1-biege. And an exquisite little corset.
Add to that, a tiny parian repro fashion-5" tall. A doll's doll. Earlier this year, 'C' made a bustle for my doll too.
I was so surprised. And so pleased. 'C' sews exquisitely., (She learned from a basically professional seamstress.) So, I have these lovely garments, now I am a bit more enthused about sewing again. Eithne does have on a pink bodice I have cut out and am fitting it to her. My friend's thoughtful gift has cheered me up. Just what I needed. I get very nutty when I'm not doing something.
My life has been so chewed up for so long a time. It is just so hard to get myself in a good place.
I found the red box trunk at a craft store.
This a big thank you to my dear friend.

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