Sunday, August 12, 2007


I really haven't been doing much this week. But, at least, I did not have to deal with a stomachache. Yay! for small things. As I mentioned before, I am at last sewing on a dress for a small fashion doll. I received her in 2002. So, it is about time. However, in the late 1990's I was making clothes for my favorite dolls. And sewing for myself.
I made tops to wear during the hot weather, while working in the Flower shops. I do not wear T-shirts. I do not wear male clothing. Because, I am a female. I have never wanted to be a male. I like them, just didn't ever want to be one. I like feminine things.
Even though I prefer feminine things, I have to be careful. I can't wear ruffles. Makes me look 'blowsy'. But, I can wear flat lace. Or a garment made of lace. So, I rely on cut and color.
I hate it when the word, 'girly' is used. That is very derogative and misogynistic
"Girly' trivializes women and diminishes the 'feminine'. Yes, it is ok. to be a woman and a Lady.
I haven't used my sewing machine in quite awhile, not since we have moved. You know, I showed you the little Jenome machine, Hb. bought for us. Well I have yet to use it. Isn't that something!?
I just can't seem to decide in what part of the house would I be comfortable in, for sewing. I need a good ambiance in which to sew. I guess that is what could termed: 'feing shuei'. ( I'm not sure if I spelled it right.) Really, 'ambiance' is the same thing.
I have so many dolls that need to be dressed, it is ridiculous. All serious doll collectors get in that maelstrom. Then, when we do realize what we have done. It's, "what was I thinking??". We weren't thinking ahead. But, by then it is too late.
We are rather similar to quilters too. In that we become 'fabric-holics'. Snatching up antique and vintage fabrics and laces and trims. So 'one day' we will have just what we need to make that incredibly, fantastically perfect outfit for our extra special doll. Whatever doll that turns out to be. Very often, I would buy a piece of fabric, because it looked as if it would be perfect for a certain period or style of dress. So, when I need something at 3:00AM. I would have something. And not have to wait until morning. If I had made a dress a week. I would have used up a great deal of the fabric. But, I have a short attention span. Made it hard to study when I was in school too.
Besides, if I waited until morning. The desire and urgency would evaporate with the morning fog. However, come another 3:00AM, there I would be again. Why didn't I go ??. See, silly.
I have so much fabric stockpiled, it's nonsense, I know now there is no way I will use even tenth of it. No, eBay, is not reliable. The bidders want everything for a penny.
They haven't any sense of value.
Also, I knew I would gain in years. But, I didn't think I would have fluttery hands. Hands that seem to have their own agenda. Sometimes my left is totally un-co-operative. So, I do some exercises with it, then it settles down.
This is sample of what I have in my sewing box.

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