Friday, August 3, 2007


When I was first getting into dolls, their history and collecting. In one book I bought and read. There was a chapter about a groundbreaking lady, who was reproducing rare and fine porcelain dolls. There was an address. I wrote and ordered the brochure. Oh, my! One of the dolls I fell in love with, was this doll. I wasn't able to buy her then, as I was only a teenager. And, no it was not something I could ask my parents for. After I had grown up, I looked and looked for years and years. The Clear dolls remained in collections. No one was selling. So, it was not until about 1997 or 98, that I finally found one for sale. The price was ok. So, because I was working I bought her. I was so happy to finally after all that time to at last have a real Emma Clear doll. She is a wonderful *reproduction* of a KPM Nymphenberg porcelain Doll. Yes, she is made of a very fine high-fire porcelain.
I named her *Marie Ceceilia*. She came only in her underwear. So, I quite happily made clothes for her. She has five two-piece outfits and one set of working clothing. That is for when she supervises the servants in baking and preserving food. All upper class, but not aristocrats did.
It was once believed that the original dolls were 18th. century. Not so, they date no earlier than 1901.
The original doll molds are still in existence, and occasionally made on a limited basis. My doll is a Clear repro, not a modern re-issue.

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Dannielle said...

She is lovely. Quite aristocratic. Her wardrobe is beatiful!!