Sunday, August 5, 2007



As I mentioned in a previous post, I learned basic cooking in the Home Ec. classes in Hi School.
Since I was becoming more adept at cooking and Mom was learning more too. We decided we needed a cookbook. A good basic one. I forget exactly where we purchased the book. There is a possibility we ordered by mail, from an ad in a magazine. Now that I think of it. Very likely from the magazine: Good Housekeeping. That was when magazines were actually worth something. They were informative and more than just eye candy.(ugh)
It is still an excellent basic cookbook. It even far surpasses my copy of Joy Of Cooking. These are the only cookbooks I have. I used to really like cooking. It's very creative and satisfying.
However my book was not the only source for new recipes. When I was still cooking, there were many magzines from which I read and gleaned fresh recipes for my repertoire.
When I married and had my own home. I missed Mom's cookbook. So, I went out to find a copy. Well, spit!! The original was out of print and the 'new' version was a loose leaf binder. OH! FOR PITY'S SAKE!! The book had been new and improved, up-dated and (shudder)
modernized. Well, ok. So I bought one anyway. I was desperate. I showed it to Mom, she didn't care for it either.
But, later on, because I love books and am rabid about Old books. I found in the yellow pages in the 'Bookstore' listings, in a neighboring city was bookshop, that had only: Cookbooks. Wha-Hoo!. So, come a weekend. We went there. I looked and asked. The lady proprietor said yes, and pointed me right to the shelf. And there it was: my very own copy of: Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook.
Used of course. Yes!.
When Mom passed, I asked my Dad if I could have Mom's cookbook. Unless he of course he needed it. But, he said ,no he wouldn't need it. I could take it. I like to go and read it. The recipes remind me of good times.
So, now I have three cookbooks. Well, four, with Joy of Cooking. I cook very little. So, I show my HB. how to use them. He is doing pretty good.

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LauraHinNJ said...

I think I have the same version around here somewhere - ahand-me-down from my husband's aunt. The real treasure are the handwritten notes and additional recipes folded into the bindings.