Monday, November 17, 2008


How many ways can you prepare a turkey?
The Food Channel has really been going gung ho on the Thanksgiving Dinner thing. Sunday night was the battle of the chefs. Then everyone else is having their own take on the food. You know, I just no longer care. I am satiated and I've not even eaten anything. In fact I can't . IBS prevents me. I just might be able to have a small piece of white meat. And otherwise, mashed potatoes. This is the first year we have had Comcast cable and Food TV. Although we may have had it where we were before we moved here. Although five years ago, I know I didn't watch it that much. At the time I found it hokey and boring. It has been seriously revamped since. The line up has already been redone and we have only had this for a year. Everybody is nuts to attract the 'young' demographics. They completely forget the mature audience with a more sophisticated and discerning taste.
I rather enjoyed watching Food TV because it is the only really creative show on TV. I used to watch Carol Duvall on HGTV. I liked the crafts. TLC and Discover channel had crafts too. But, they have been canceled. And replaced with stupid reality stuff. DUMBB. Yuck.
You may wonder how, with my IBS and can't eat much, that I can watch all that food cooking going on? Well, I used to have this really great diet tape. Subliminal suggestion. Worked great, I no longer have to listen to it. Still works. That's why I can watch all that cooking and not get hungry. In fact, I become quite turned off.
Hb. has learned a lot of things for his use. Nice. He cooks quite well. And enjoys it too. He has a high metabolism and can eat almost anything.

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