Sunday, November 2, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I received a copy of the flyer from Beverly Fabrics. They send a new flyer every month. But this one is for November, but, was their Christmas sale. I browsed thru it to see what was up. All I found that I was slightly interested in, were some winter deer figures, of white plastic covered in heavy snow glitter. Well, I thought maybe a couple of those. So, I circled the picture. I really don't collect anymore. At least I keep telling myself that. But, I 'NEEDED' some new toys. The rainy season has started so, that's why I was looking at the flyer.
Next, I saw the ad for some fairy dolls to decorate with. There wasn't any size or price shown. But, they were to be marked 30% off. I thought, um, those are kind of cute. Although, I don't collect fairies anymore either. Besides, the fairies I did have, were sold on eBay this summer past. I decided to think about them anyway. So, I circled the picture. As the sale didn't start until November 1st. Gave me time to think things over, and prevents me from being too impulsive.
As it happened, come November first. It rained, hard, all day. I don't go out in the rain. I always get chilled and end up sick for days later. So, Hb. went out for me to Beverly Fabrics. I had given him some pricing and size perimeters.
He did well. and chose this lovely Woodland Fairy and brought her home for me. She's 10 inches tall. A little taller than I was expecting, but I do like her. A new doll always cheers me up.
Oh, I decided against the reindeer. Too flimsy.

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