Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, I found a project for myself during November and maybe December.
I ran a across some recipes for making candied fruit. And I thought I would see what happened. I was tired of doodling with apples. Therefore, I decided to do pears. besides the pectin in pears seems easier on my stomach.
I am now now on my second pass. The first time I didn't take time to really memorize the recipe. So, I ended up with just some cooked sliced pears.This time I have a sort of candied pear slices, but the pears were the soft flesh kind, so came out a bit too soft. But---- they were candied. I had gotten the sirup to the correct heat.
Hb. is going to pick up another type of pear for me tomorrow.
A type that has much firmer flesh. And we will make larger slices. I am only doing one or two pears at a time. That way, I only make a small mess. And if it gets really botched, There is not a big waste. I hate to waste food.
I got to thinking this afternoon, and remembered that my family has not had a good track record for making candy. Remember my post about the 'Fudge Farce'? Ha, ha,!
But, then, hey, doing the sirup for glace', is very like the sirup to make 7 minute icing. And Mom and I had that down pat.
The 'ball' stage is the same. So, that's why I decided to give making candied fruit a college try.
Stay tuned, I will let you know how this next batch turns out.

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