Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Awhile back on, October-29th. I finally got cabin fever and had Hb. take me for a ride. So, he surprised me and we ended up at Fabric Warehouse. Well, I as was dressed for daytime and I went in. I haven't been to a fabric store in two years. Quilting had pretty much replaced personal sewing and the cottons are quilt fabrics. I had a momentary memory lapse and went looking for a small print in pink. Most of the fabrics were in warm and jewel colors. Maybe only three bolts in pink. And not in any pattern I would use. Hb. turns to me and remarks, "are you sure you want to stand in a line that long tonight?"
I looked and said," oh, no". The line was half way down the aisle from the check out. The line for the cutting table was as long.
I observed," perhaps it was people after work coming shopping".
There was a young woman shopping in the same aisle, who turned to me and said, "no. it's because it is three days before Halloween. It's also like this before Christmas too. Or any holiday".
I laughed and said, "Oh my goodness, that's right. It has been so long since I have been out. I had forgotten that it's always a zoo trying to shop during any holiday".
So, Hb. asked, "so, you aren't going to try to buy something tonight?"
"Nope, no way, I replied, Besides, I just considered, I was looking for 'pink' fabric. This is Winter. Pink is a Spring color. I wasn't really thinking."
I looked around some more, at fabric, and some decorative items and Christmas ornaments. Then my back began to hurt very bad. I told Hb. that it was time to take me home.
I didn't buy anything. But that is alright, at least I had gotten out and away from home for awhile. I will go look for pink print fabric after Christmas and when the Valentine fabrics are put out.

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