Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Even though this year I have been plagued something awful with my IBS. Some days it is of short duration. After a nap of an hour or two, I can recoup my energy somewhat. I did finish one dress for this little doll.
You know, in normal circumstances, I could finish a dress a week. Really, they are about a four hour project. Because I am only doing little cotton frocks. They are patterns I work out first in cotton. Then I cut them from silk.
I have started another dress, I began it maybe a couple of months ago. See, that is how debilitating IBS is. I can't work when I ache. And my stomach hurts. And my hands flutter when I hurt.
It seems though, that reading the Elm Creek Quilt series has helped my out of a blue time, I am able to focus better. So, here is a skirt for another outfit. I have made good progress with it. The most time consuming part is the ruffle for the bottom trim.
These are all hand stitched. I usually do not hand stitching for this size doll. Only the bodice perhaps. But, the skirt pieces are large enough for the sewing machine. My sewing machines are still in their cases. I haven't felt up to pulling them out.
Anyway, I am feeling quite pleased that I have made some real headway on this outfit. That first dress took a year or so. I'm hoping to be able to cut out the top this week, although, I not sure which style I am going to use yet.
Stay tuned.


Wenda said...

What pretty pink. My little neighbour friend would love anything sewn from such fabric.

Wenda said...

P.S. Sorry to hear about the IBS pain.