Friday, June 6, 2008


I have sort of left off blogging so enthusiastically, because I am just not feeling well, and I have to save my energy. Besides my computer is working so slow, I've almost decided: to heck with it.
Amazon is impossible and don't even mention eBay. My spy bot thing is a bit overprotective. Just more frustration than occupation and fun.
Also, with blogging it was getting too much of dissecting my life. I have lost the fun part of writing my stories. And I have sick too often with my IBS.
To top that off, I ordered a book about horses from an Amazon seller and never recieved it. They credited me with a refund and said they have sent another copy, now, isn't that the pits? The seller is out the price of a book. I just hope I do recieve the second book.
This is only the fourth time, in 10 years, this has happened to me.
Who's stealing my books?
In between bouts, I am doggedly sewing on a dress for Eithne. That dress was maybe started four years ago. But, that is another story.

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