Saturday, June 21, 2008


Turn HOT Friday, just in time for Solstice. Will be HOT today too. Triple digits. Ugh! I can never sleep with the AC, and then I do get chilled too, having to use the Air. Yes, it is worse without. Today we are going to see how long we can wait, before turning it on. Because yesterday we turned it on about 2:PM, ran it until after sundown.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hi there! Haven't seen you around much lately. Just thought I'd drop by and see how you're doing! Hope your summer is filled with fun and interesting things.


a painter said...

I saw your Edith Ackley Doll..I make and collect them. I also have a Flickr group-- just photos of these dolls. Would love it if you posted your doll there.

Nice visiting your blog!