Saturday, June 14, 2008


Eithne is so happy. She finally has a dress to wear. She is 9 1/2" tall. and this dress is something new for me. It is all completely hand sewn. Usually only the dollhouse size dolls are hand sewn. Anything 6 or 7" tall and up, I use the sewing machine. But, both machines need servicing, so, I had to sew it all by hand. It was a rewarding exercise, to re-train me to concentration and 'patience'.
I even used to use my sewing machine to sew all of the clothes for my 'Barbie's' wardrobe, that I used to have. That may be a future story.
The skirt for Eithne's dress, is an authentic 1860's skirt pattern in six gores. But, the bodice is one I designed and styled with bell sleeves as the gown is a Summer dress, after all. I made the gown of a pink batiste with a printed white shadow floral pattern.
I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out. It is very much a 'Dolly' dress rather than an authentic copy of a period costume.
I sewed on the dress and finished it while I was not blogging during May. So, I wasn't totally idle.
Eithne is a loveley reproduction, F.G. mini French Fashion doll, made especially as a surprise gift for me, by my good friend, 'C.M.' and her daughter. I treasure this beautiful little doll.

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