Thursday, June 26, 2008


Her life was always gray and sere. An unending existence of empty loneliness.
She had heard about something called: the Light. It was said that was why there wasn't dark all the time. The Light could shine even though the overcast was so very thick, Even those who had once experienced the Light, could barely remember what it really was like.
If one has never lived in a brightness, would they miss it? Can you miss something you've never had? There is a great big tome in The Hall Of Books. One can look up strange words with strange meanings. Terms so alien, one cannot even begin to come close to comprehending what those words might mean.
There were times that the gray cover seemed to thin and an unusual thing would happen. A big, bright round spot would appear. There were those who said that was the Light source, trying to shine through the dense, gray, layer of gloom.
The first time she saw it, she wondered at it.
Other times , she noticed an odd thing. There were people who seemed to sort of glow, making their own light. Each person had their own level of light. There were most often, two or more together. Very puzzling. Where she came from there had been no one who glowed like that.
Orig. Story by:CGZ
Copyright: June-2008
I may write more. Not sure though.

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