Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After all the trouble we've had trying for a garden here. This year we finally have a fairly nice one. About half our roses we put in containers. The roses are the best we've had since our first garden at our first house. The roses were so nice. Then come first of June, the temperature climbed and fried my roses. and they were so very pretty. My Gerber daisies were popping flowers regularly. It was so nice. We are having temps. in the high 80's and mid-90's. So far we haven't used the AC yet, but we will this week. Of course compared to back east, 90's are balmy. The eastern seaboard is having triple digit temps.
But, my garden is fried and won't recover until things cool off in the Fall. Sigh. Well, it was nice while it lasted.
Hb. found some Sweetpea seeds and planted them. They are growing rather slowly. We used to have sweetpeas. This is the first planting in several years.

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