Thursday, June 14, 2007


The weather was changing back and forth this week and so, I have been bothered by my GIT again. Finally the weather settled in high. (90's) I do not thrive in anything over 78 degrees. Tomorrow is to be in the 90's again. But, the fog is expected by evening.
The heat just destroys my flowers.
The pansies have been hanging in there. Maybe because I have been picking the old ones off everyday. The roses have favored us with a few blooms. The big soft pink QEll has three lovely blooms. Hb. planted pansies with the roses, makes a nice contrast.
Had a headache yesterday. Don't know why. It went away rather quickly and didn't return.
Traced an E.F.Ackley doll onto a piece of nice muslin. I began sewing it a couple of weeks ago. However, I finished stitching it yesterday. In backstitch, all by hand. The doll will be about 9 1/2 " tall. I also began to stuff. It has been awhile since I have stuffed on a slender limbed doll. So, I had to retrain myself how, so as not to make her all lumpy. I have no idea what or who she shall out to be. This is one of those dolls that determines how she turns out.
I'm just happy to be creating something at all. My poor little gray horse still has her mane pinned in place, but, I lost momentum and haven't been able to get back to her. Shame on me. I think I ought to have chosen a better color.

Rather than making something new, I should go back and try to finish some my orphans.
The doll on the right is a very special doll, I will write about later.

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