Sunday, June 10, 2007


I have been having a lot of dental work. Too much. My dentist believes it to be due to some of my medications.
Tried to get involved with a project to keep myself occupied. Starting another book of drawings.
Trouble is, I can't find an inpiration for a theme. I am just doodling around. Flowers, dolls, costume ideas, and some animals. I am using only regular pencil. So, I am able to erase if I do not care for a specific drawing. When I like something, then I go over it in ink.
On eBay, I found a seller who was selling some of the moleskine art books. Came as a set of three for $15.00. Nice price. They are soft cover in a plain brown craft paper cover and only 120 pages. Perfect. I am not using those yet. But they would be great for altered book or collage art.
The Art Book I am working on, is a sketch book it has white paper and a black hardcover. I used to doodle, draw and sketch all the time. I need to go out in the world a bit and get some stimulation.
Besides my personal journal. I am also drawing in two other books. My journal is more what I should ought to have been doing. More drawing, and illustrations.
I do not really do altered art. Although, I have made some small collage pieces directly in my journal to illustrate the topic.
I will scan in a page and add it to my blog later.

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