Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well, it is now July. From now on it is all a downhill to the end of another Year. Already, people begin to think of Christmas. Must be, that July brings ";HOT;". So we begin to look forward to cool weather. Aren't people silly? However, it is hard to live in the moment when it's so hot out.

Hb. and I are still trying to figure out how we managed to survive last year's scorching 12 days, without the Air.

I prefer the first part of the year. More to look forward to. Everything is fresh and new, flowers bloom. The weather is nice.

Now all is hot and dusty. No rain. Fires all over the place. Seems like the entire world is on fire. Well, it is actually, in a way.

I am beginning to be a little nostalgic, because we used to go visit my parents about six times a year. There was: Easter, Mother's Day, Mom's Birthday, then Father's day. Followed by Fourth 'Of July. With Labour Day in September and my Dad's birthday too. And of course: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes we spent New Year's with them too. Sometimes not. Because we didn't want to drive back in the holiday traffic. So, we really don't celebrate Holidays anymore. Except a little at Christmas. I insisted that we not count birthdays. It doesn't mean the same as it used to.

But, my brother's and their sons are not family oriented. So, family get togethers don't happen. Unless there is a wedding. There have been two in the past 12 years.

One bright spot. My miniature fuchsia finally bloomed. I had two. The other one did not survive the winter.

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