Tuesday, July 17, 2007


How very odd. My July seems to in the doldrums. Nothing seems important enough to consider. At my age, this is not good. I went to the dentist yesterday, and had the permanent crowns put on. Afterwards, we went over to a Hobby, craft and doll shop. No, not Michael's. It's one privately owned. Purchased four dollstands and a doll magazine. But, my hips and legs were hurting so, I just had Hb. bring me home. Too bad, because there were about two other places I had wanted to go to.
I have three dolls I want to finish. And I am trying not to over schedule myself. When it comes to the patio garden, I do not want to even go there.
Yesterday when I wanted to sign the card reciept, my hands shook so bad I almost couldn't. So, I had the young woman hold the paper and I held one hand with the other so I made it. It was a reaction to a string thing that has ephedra on it. Today my hands are ok. Or rather back to what is normal trembling. I can control that. Scarey.
I am absolutely no good in the mornings and but, when I have an appointment I prefer mornings when it's hot. In the Winter, I ask for afternoon appointments. My brain worksmuch better later. School was always tough in that regard.
Here is my July doll. She is not 'quite finished'. I decided to show her now, rather than wait a year. Who knows what next year will be.

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pepektheassassin said...

Scarey, indeed! Glad you are feeling better. Your July doll is very sweet!