Monday, July 9, 2007


I was browsing through eBay one day. Looking through the animal prints to see what was up. When I came across an Audubon print titled: Indian Hare Dog. !? What could that be? So, I looked at the print and bookmarked it.
Then I went online and looked up Hare Dogs.
I was so surprised, I knew the very first Original Settlers had brought dogs with them. However the dogs were only ever mentioned as a footnote to Native History.
It was wonderful to find they are yet extant and are bred by very closely controlled and select kennels.
There seems to be three sizes. To me, and this just my surmising from photographs, the dogs are rather similar to Alsatians and/or, Border Collies. Which makes sense in a way, In some photos the dog resembles a Spitz.
And yes, I'm sure when someone sees my post, they will leave me messages to put me straight.
They look to be very good working and companion dogs. The breeders are EXTREMELY careful about who they let their dogs go to.
Oh yeah, the etching by Audubon, doesn't look anything like the real thing. Sometimes his vision was way off.
This the print I found online.

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LauraHinNJ said...

Hare dog - how bizarre.

I was having the same trouble the other day - until I discovered that for some reason, in order to get a title on the post, I have to sort of hover the cursor slightly above the little box where I mean to type. Once I found just the right spot, the cursor would turn to the little hand thingy that let me type.

Blogger is such a mystery.