Saturday, July 7, 2007


Anyway. it was a year ago July 4th. That my Hb. had his stroke. He is doing fairly well. But he is negative about that. He still has dizziness at certain times. Men, they are so impatient. It hasn't been as hoy yet this year as it was last year. July 4 and 5 were triple digit. So. we had the A.C. on for about three hours each day. From 4:PM-7:PM. Thoses are the hottest hours of the day. The rest of the week will only go to the mid-80's. That is tolerable and I can still breath.
And I have gone four days without an IBS attack. I have actually been able to some more small things. I have even been to go a short walk a couple of days. I had regained a little energy.
I have the 10" Edith Flack Ackley doll all stuffed. However, I have not been doing any drawing. Maybe because I have been working on my written Journal. I guess I can only do one of that sort of thing at a time.
Hope everyone had a pleasant and safe Fourth Of July.
Hey, I can 'title again'. So, I did.

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