Monday, May 28, 2007


Today used to be my Mom's birthday.
She was my Mother, my best friend and I was hers.
My role model. I tried to have the same values she had.
Sometimes she had ambivilant feelings about being
a Mom. But, when it counted. She was always there
for me. I think she tried to be the Mother,
she wished she could have had.
She died in 1971. And I miss her every day.
The fields of 'Always Summer'
where the blue cornflowers
forever grow,
The gentle air wafts the
fragrant daisies
And the scented pinks to and fro.
Everything we ever wanted,
everyone that we have known.
Are waiting there to greet us
now that time has flown.
Yes, in this place of 'always ever'.
In brightness, joy, and grace.
Is where we go, 'at end of day'.
T'is the place we abide
after the turmoil of this side.
Open meadows of grass and flowers,
Through which we dance,
celebrate and play.
Orchards full of trees in
both fruit and flower
Create a glorious bower,
a setting for loving Greetings
of those we have missed,
They rejoice to see us,
at last in exquisite bliss.

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