Friday, May 11, 2007


I have gotten off stride again. Can't sew. Can't focus enough. So, I bought this copy of the Jennifer Chiaverini quilt stories book. I found I had read the first book. But not the other two. Oh, they are ok. It's about women getting together and doing woman things. I do not quilt. Don't want to, tried it once. Can you believe it? I found it too tedious! But, I have a complete appreciation for the high artistry, talent and skill. One can not call it work. Not when there is so much of the person in each quilt. It is wonderful. Such a great means of creative artistic expression. And infinite patience. When I attend a quilt show I am always just overwhelmed by the incredible variety and gloriousness of the quilts. It just takes my breath away.
But, I'm not up to it. However, making a 5 1/2" 18 piece felt doll, That will be completely jointed. I can do. And then making a dress and underwear that buttons and can be taken on and off. The head alone has 5 pieces and is 7/8ths inches long.
I became stalled on the fifth little horse I was making. I am hoping by the time I finish the book. I will be able to concentrate better and finish the poor thing.
However, the quilt book stories are quite nice.
Because at least they are about sewing something. Doing handwork.

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Dannielle said...

I have always felt the same way about quilting until recently. I used to find them tedious until I started doing them *my* way. I began incorporating embroidery. And I've been making them small enough that I can hand-quilt them (which I much prefer). I keep the piecing simple as well. Now that they're more handwork than machine work, I am in love.