Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Because I lost my Celebrin Silverlight blog, and can not get it back. My Hb. wrote to them-no answer. Is that a surprise-no. I had to make a new site. So, I am having to start all over. Which really annoys me. I was just beginning to build a 'neighborhood' too. DRAT!!!! I have left comments to that effect on the special blogs, I have bookmarked. I have been doing that a few at a time. I really do need to learn how to make a links column.
Some of my bookmarks are:
daring to write
my uncle pepek's journal
woof nanny
The whole story
little cotton rabbits
And maybe about a hundred more. I will eventually list all of them so you can track them down. They are all really fun blogs. A cross section of: artists, artisans, poets, crafters, dollmakers, writers and some are naturalists. Those who find beauty, inspiration, and solace in the living nature. People who find joy in enriching their lives in many ways.
I was was just checking my post options, and somehow the 'leave comments' had been unchecked!!!!!!!!!!! This is really taking all the fun out of it. I used to have a lot of patience. Well,
life and time have seriously diminished that trait.
I don't have a drawing for this post. Just picture someone having a really 'hissey' fit.


Endment said...

I send you lots and lots of sympathy...
There are s-o-o-o many things to learn and I for one don't like change much :)

LauraHinNJ said...

Found you silverlight!

I've had plenty of *hissy-fits* with Blogger in the past, but, so far so good.

If I can help you sort out how to make a links list, please let me know. I think it's actually a lot easier with the new blogger.

My email is lc-hardy AT comcast DOT net.