Friday, February 16, 2007

NEW BLOG SITE-Over The Fence

I have been having such trouble with blogger, that my husband made me an entirely new blog site. I used to be: 'Silverlight'. Now I'm not.
I was able to change the name of the blog. It is from one of my former posts. I think it is a better choice than what I had anyway.
So, From now on all of my new blog entries will be here. Absolutely no imagination.
I am going to pull everything I have done before and put it on a disk or floppy. To save it. I can take right from the blog site. So, there goes my art-handwork blog and collecting blog. oh well, one is enough to keep up with.
I wonder what the advantage is that I have to constantly sign in. Makes no sense to me.
This version is only twiddly fiddily. Simple is always better and less stressful. You want less stress, not more.


Endment said...

Wow! Lots of changes.
Wish you well with your new blog!
Sure hope you save all your pictures, poetry and writing from your other blog.

Here"s to success "Over The Fence"

pepektheassassin said...

I didn't know you could pull and save stuff from a blog to a disk! If it works, let me know how you did it.

I had to switch, too. It changed lots of my commenters names to "anonymous," for some reason. And I couldn't leave comments on other blogs. But it all seems to be working ok now. (Knock on wood.)

And, even tho you are now "z" I will always think of you as celebrin silverlight....