Monday, February 19, 2007


Mardi Gras slipped up on me this year.
Because New Orleans is still struggling to recover.
I am so glad we had been to New Orleans in 1977.
I saw Pictures of the CARNIVAL In Rio De Janeiro.
(Have you ever seen the movie 'Black Orpheus'?
Smashing movie.)
Oh, is it that time already? I thought it was
March this year.
Anyway here is a Picture of my Commedia
Del Arte' Doll, Columbine in acknowledgement.
And her poem.
She is 24" tall
Graceful, charming Columbine.
Dancing in a Pantomime.
Is she not quite the couquette?
Harlequin desires, but will not get,
a kiss; no, not yet.
Oh! No! She will not
allow him
Such a thing so familiar.
Not, a kiss
right away.
First she will flirt and play,
allowing Harlequin
to stay
and court.
Because she is a gentle sort
He praises her lips and eyes,
oh, yes, to hear his sighs.
Her acquiescents
is such prize.
well worth the chase.
To see the sweet smile
her upon her face.


Orig. Doll-CGZ-1993

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Endment said...

What an adorible coquette... with her own poem noless...