Saturday, February 24, 2007


When we moved in '92 I had to pack up all my dollhouses and furniture. And I sold my big Tudor style dollhouse we had made. A man came by, saw it, and purchased it for his grand daughter. I kept the Antique Doll house with Dutch roof. However, the place we moved to, was too small to for me to put it out and set it up. So, that house and my own dollhouse spent the next 10 years in the garage. Very mistaken choice.
My childhood dollhouse did not do well. I wasn't paying attention as I was working and not playing with my toys. (there is a post on that on my Magpie site. Which I also can not access.)
Therefore one day I went out and happened to look at my dollhouse. I was horrified! My little house is only made of pressboard, which is just layers of cardboard pressed together. Because of heat and dampness, the layers were beginning to separate. The little bathroom door had already separated. I haven't yet figured what to do about it.
So, I made a place for it in the house, by closing off the fireplace, which was unusable anyway.
I just never had the time or energy to set it up anyway. Sometimes it held dolls. Sometimes horses. Or part of my soft bunny collection.
But, as for the Dutch hip-roof dollhouse. it was left in the garage. It was all wood. I would check on it occasionally.
That place we moved to just never did get organized. I was too tired all the time. It was hard for me to get into anything. I am surprised I accomplished what little I did.
Then when we moved to where we live now. One day I was sitting moping and feeling low. As I looked around at my collections I had out to enjoy. I realized, I missed my big long gone dollhouse. That house was the one I used only for my antique dollhouse furniture.
So, I sat down and planned out a sort of bookcase that would be nice for displaying the antique furniture. Then my Hb. purchased the boards and made it for me. Came out good. Painted white to go with with the bookcases Hb. had made for the house. We put it up by the fireplace here. ( the fireplace here is unusable too!) Set up some of the furniture so I could enjoy it. Put in a few small dolls and it all came quite cute.
My own dollhouse is placed way up on top of our big old antique oak cupboard. Because that part of the house has a very tall ceiling. Looks nice up there.
The picture shows the bookcase/come dollhouse. A few angels and reindeer that I also collect.
P.S.: I sold the Dutch Roof dollhouse before we moved here. No place for it. Even though I sold my dollhouses, I kept all the furniture. Now, we are trying organize that, and will try to sell it.


Endment said...

What a charming display!!!
Perhaps some day I will be able to get more of my things out of the storage shed and out where I can see them

carla said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I had the best dollhouse when I was a girl - it was a hand-me-down from the neighbor girls who had long since grown up, and I spiffed it up with wallpaper from the old wallpaper books I used to collect (I was an avid garbage treasure hunter as a child) and fun found objects. I also had a nice collection of Petite Princesse furniture, so it was a sort of funky baroque palace of a place. I think it finally ended up going to one of my little nieces... I don't know! Sometimes I'm tempted to start another collhouse, but I sure don't have the room or time for yet another obsession:>

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. It's delightful!