Thursday, February 22, 2007


Do you remember the doll 'PINK'. I put her up
last summer when it was too hot to blog.
Well, as we are trying to sort out more of my stuff.
I finally found the second doll. Her name is;
Pink is on the right, that's Roseberry on the left.
They came as kits. which consisted of a bag with
with the head and hands. Another bag with
the already stuffed body. The shoes were seperate too. Also a booklet to
make crochected clothes for them. So, you
attach the head to the body. Then you crochet
the dress in the color of your choice. Very simple.
They were quite fun to put together.
I named them. They weren't pre-named.
I originally made them for a pair of grandneices.
But, I never got to see them as they growing up.
I saw 'J' as she was learning to walk.
I never got to see her sister'B'
until 2004. 'J' was just beginning high school.
I have not seen or heard from them again
So, the two dolls are going to my youngest niece,
their baby half-sister. 'S'.

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Endment said...

What lovely gifts for "S" I know what it is like... Finally sent one of my nieces a doll this winter - she has now graduated from college :)