Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Not much going on. We had some rain finally, first rain since March 15. Otherwise the weather has been fairly nice. I will appreciate it as long as it lasts. Then remember the good days, when it is all dreary and gray.
But, now the days are to be nice again. With blue skies.
Had to go to a dentist today.
Well, that filling I lost, can't be replaced. The tooth is too far gone. Needs a root canal. And a cap. I hate caps. They never really get sealed tight enough, and the tooth goes faster than one with a filling.
But, what is neat, is I finally got out. The First time since last November. So a good thing anyway. After the dentist, I had Hb. drive on down to our local Barnes and Noble.
It has been so long since I was in a bookshop, that I became almost overwhelmed been the sheer number of books. How about that. I found that interesting. Although, it could have rather been being around so many strangers. Since I live a very isolated life.
My back and hip began to hurt before I before I had covered all the favorite categories.
My final choices were three magazines and one book.
I bought; American Art Review, the 'Watercolor' magazine, both just really super issues this time. I also bought; 'DOLLS' magazine. The book I decided on is titled; Garden Spells' by Sarah Addison Allen. I'll let you know how it is.
Because I know nothing about the book, except what is on the back cover.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just happened upon your blog. I found it interesting.I can relate to your IBS woes. I have Crohn's and IBD runs in my family. It certainly can put a damper on things,can't it? Luckily there are meds I can take that hulieave helped me maintain a good quality of life. I read that you will quit blogging in December. Why?