Friday, October 31, 2008


When my little poodle died. I was absolutely devastated. I told myself, I would wait until I could handle things, before I got another fur friend. That lasted about two days.
I had no idea where to go to find another pet. As it turned out, the kennel where I had found Pepper, was still in business. Even though it had been ten years, since I found Pepper there. How about that?
I went there. Told the owner who I was and about my loss of Pepper. She said, well, she didn't have any poodles right then. and I replied, I think I would like a different breed, because, if I had another poodle It would only remind me of Pepper. I didn't want that..
Anyway, I came home with a glorious golden Lhasa-Maltese female puppy. What a trial and blessing and joy she was. This breed is very hard to train. They are too smart and need a good reason for what is required of them. Maybe, as it turned out, I think she may have trained us. She was pure sweetness. It was a papable thing when she was happy and playing. I have never before or since felt such pure unequivable love. She taught us a lot. I named her 'Saffron'. Because my poodle I had named, 'Pepper'.
I found her in September 1969. We had her for 15 years. She left us October-31-1984.

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