Monday, October 27, 2008


I was trying to think of a Halloween memory to use for this month.. Then I remembered
living at the dorm at Jr. College.
In a previous story, I wrote that my kid brother and I only got to go trick or treating, and having Halloween only the one time. That was the year we lived in town.
Well, when I went away to Jr. College. I stayed in a dorm. A girls only house. Nice place. It was an old Edwardian 2-story. With a large front porch and nice set of steps. Fun. It was the first year for that the Jr. College had a dorm. So I was in a town when Halloween came round. The Housemother had budgeted out money from her own pay, for treats. She was such a dearest, sweetest lady. She made: popcorn balls, candy apples, two kinds of cookies and something else, I can't remember. I think a couple of the girls helped her. I didn't get to, because of class scheduling.
The dorm was right across from an elementary school. So, the kids knew about us. And we knew many of them name. Some were quite regular visitors. They hung mostly on the front porch and steps. There were only a couple of the kids actually permitted inside. It was better for them to have restricted access. To them it was quite socially elevating , that they had 'college' students' for friends.
We would put out the treats after dinner and make things ready for our guests. In those days the costumes were mainly Disney or Tv characters. Very sweet. Oh yes, Superman, Davy Crocket, Cowgirls, cowboys, fairies, Snow White, maybe Cinderella. You know there may even have been a 'Tom Corbett, Space Cadet'. Very popular space adventure at the time. So there was something before 'Star Trek'.
They were lots of fun. The kids enjoyed the home made goodies too. We were inundated and over ran with little tricksters. I think the first year we ran out. But, the next year, we had some left overs. Halloween is like that, I found.
I attended school there for the two years. Then I transferred to the Art College.
Gosh, but I hated leaving that wonderful time behind. That's life.
But, you know what? Even though I went on through school. Because we lived in apartments, only adults, I never got to see Halloween until after I married and lived in family neighborhoods.

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