Monday, October 20, 2008


Are you as tired as I am over all the political blather and mud slinging ? Wow, I will be so glad when the voting is over. All of this campaigning has been going on for TWO YEARS!! The longest in history! Makes me exasperated.
Right now, I couldn't care less. Because at the end, the candidates show their true colors, and guess what? They are both chumps.
My Dad, being a businessman. With his own business, was a Republican. So was my Mother. As my Dad explained when I asked him the difference. He said, well, the democrats giveth and the republicans taketh away. Or whatever.
When I was in high school. Civics was still taught. We even had a presidential election the year of the real election. Complete with a full campaign. Two of the boys played the part of the real candidates. The boys acting the parts, wrote their own speeches, with help of the teacher. The speeches were based on the same platforms of the real candidates. The election was held on the real date too. You know what, even in our re-enactment. The boy that played the real winner, won too! We were all surprised, because Mr. Neasham was careful to pick boys who were just students. We were all delighted with the outcome.
The kids now days, need to experience something like that. To get them to feel more connected to society.
Even by the time my nephews got to high school, the class had been been eliminated. Man! Was I indignant!

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