Sunday, September 7, 2008


This is sort of both a school story and a dog story. Thought it might be appropriate for September: back to school month.
I had mentioned one of our dogs in an earlier blog. He was a spunky little dog. Mostly Fox Terrier. Very active, and no one really took the time to play with him. So he always went off to find his own adventures. Just like a boy, ever in mischief. My older brother considered Rover his dog. But, you know, I don't remember the two of them being together that much. Sometimes I would try to get Rover to play with me. He put up with it for awhile, then off he would go, where ever. Later, after I was grown, I read that Terriers are a one person dog. Although, he was very 'pack' savvy . He knew if he was hurt or needed help. He would go right to either Dad or Mom.
I do think Rover would follow Bud to school sometimes. He would show up in the schoolyard. Climb the steps and wait outside on the porch for recess. Bud, never could find where Rover came into the schoolyard. As the front had a chainlink fence. And the other three sides were 'square wire' fenced. Bud didn't have to worry if Rover might get thristy while waiting, because there was a creek at each end of the yard. At recess Rover would run around with all the kids. Mom, Dad and Bud didn't like him to do go up there. Because we were afraid for him. So, Bud would sometimes send Rover home. He didn't want to, but he would go anyway. You know, the dog would always go right home, no dawdling. Bud would ask Mom later. And they compared notes. Mom said, well, that's why Rover turns up at the back door hungry.
A cattle rancher, Old cranky, ornery 'Dee' Oilar might think our dog was *arter* his bitch cattle dogs. Female dogs were the only hounds he used. Male dogs fight back when they are mistreated. Now days we could report him. But, he would likely might just shoot the SPCA officer first.
But, Rover's biggest downfall, was, that he would always go out in the woods after the female coyotes. And fight with the male coyotes. Jeez.
Rover was an outdoor dog. Dad's rules: animals belong outside. However, Rover had snug little doghouse in one corner of the woodshed.
There are pictures of Rover, I just don't have any.

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