Thursday, September 25, 2008


Geez, but this has been a perfectly horrid year. I have been sick oftener than ever. The IBS just seems to get worse.
So, many things have happened, but I won't list them. So everything just gets in the way pf my having any kind of life anymore.
The only thing good, is that the wildfires are all out. Last year there were 6 fires, this year there were hundreds. Tragic, let me tell you.
Where I grew up in the northern part of my state, there is this mountain I have driven over for years. It was always so very beautiful. The Dogwoods and Redbud in the Spring, the riot of color in the Fall.
Back sometime in the early 90's this freaking idiot set a fire, just north of the county seat, the fire burned for miles, burning down two historic towns from the 1850's. The fire burned all the way up over the mountain. It was finally stopped just short of the first town on the north side of the mountain.
I have been up there only once since. Absolutely heartbreaking. I have not had the heart to go back, even to visit my cousin and aunt. It takes at least fifty years for a forest to recover from a fire.

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