Thursday, September 4, 2008


An empty hall after midnight.
Shadows in the corners.
The hall sits quiet in the gloom.
only by starlight
and yellowed gleams
of a setting moon.
A waft of air breathes by,
a crack, a creak
echos faintly through
the drowzy, empty place.
Yet---if one listens,
very still,
you can yet hear,
a faint, faint echo, of the music
and the laughter, the was there.
And if you look carefully
amongst the shadows,
you can see,
the shapes and shades,
of the dancers, that had been there.
Twirling, turning, spinning
around the dance floor.
The air stirs,
a chill draft drifts down.
And the hall is alone.
Settling quietly
in the starlight glome.
Orig. Poem-copyright:1962 &2008
Orig. Poem by: CGZ
I wrote this poem along time ago.
Way before the Haunted House thing in Disneyland.
This is not a haunted house story at all.
My family and I had spent the evening in the hall square dancing.

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