Thursday, September 18, 2008

I HAD A LITTLE POODLE......................


She's gone.............
This small bit of life,
A mite of my soul.
A wisp
She danced only an
eyewink of time
in Sun.
A small bright flame,
whiffed out, as though
blown away on an autumn zepher.
To others, she may have seemed
to be, but a tuft of fluff.
A trinket, a toy.
But she was my true joy.
They couldn't,
no, never
There was only one-
My ever present, devoted friend,
my tiny love.
For that was her life.
It was more that I was hers, than she was mine.
she's gone..............
Dancing after a a bird of paradise
across the milky way.
Maybe, come some
future eternity,
God will let me
belong to her again.
She was ten. I found her in September- 1959 and lost her in September 1969.
I will write the story sometime.

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