Thursday, August 7, 2008


Things haven't been quite so bad lately. So, I have been able to actually do something creative. I can only sew when I can concentrate, and my hands aren't so shakey. But, that's ok.
I had finally made a dress for my small fashion doll. And I wanted to do another one or two, while I am yet able.
This pattern that I chose to work on, is an authentic one from an antique doll magazine from the 1870's.
The original pattern was made for a doll 17 1/2" tall. Eithne is 9 1/2" tall. So, it had to be reduced.
It is for a 7-gore princess style dress. Very intricate. I am only making the 'toile' model first, to make sure the pattern will actually fit right. After the ajustments, then I will cut it out of the good fabric. The sleeves are going to give me fits though.
The picture shows three of the four main pattern pieces pinned and rweady to be cut out, which they are now. And mostly sewn together.

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