Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well, there are still fires going on about us. but they are not so ferocious. The smoke isn't so heavy and it comes and goes. We have these really brilliant sunsets. Unreal. All the houses turn a coral color and the trees become red and burgundy. There was a little rain the other day. There was a double rainbow, in shades of red and gold.
However, all that smoke exposure left us with a respiratory infection. I still cough a lot. And I have a fever that comes and goes too. 99.1 -99.5. And for me that is enough. Leaves me dizzy and weak. Hb. is somewhat ill too. When the smoke blows away and the sky is a nice deep blue, we are much better.
My cousin up in northern California said the visibility is about 1/2 mile. Because up there is where the highest amount of lightening fires were set. Just horrendous.
Before we were getting the smoke from the fires south of us. But, now the smoke is all the way from Yosemite.
The poor valiant firefighters. They are so bushed. And we just lost some in a crash. Terrible.
This year is the worst.

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LauraHinNJ said...

Gosh... sorry to hear this.

My nephew is studying forestry at the Univ of Montana and worked in Calif for a while this summer fighting fires. I worried for him so much.