Friday, August 1, 2008


In my July issue of Sunset Magazine, there is a short item about a small orchard, here in town.
It is one of the very few left. the article gave the address and phone number. The orchard grows 33 types of peaches, plus other stone fruits. Yumm. So, Hb. looked uup the directions. And Friday morning he drove down to see what might be left.
He came back with one basket of eight lovely free stone peaches. The baskets all came prefilled and you couldn't just buy anything separate. Well, you know that is quite understandable.
I tried only half of one peach. Oh, my! Oh nice. A real peach with real peach taste and texture. I haven't had a peach like that, since the last one I picked from my Grandpa's tree forty years ago. I would have liked to eat the entire peach. But, I wanted wait and see if my stomach could handle it.
Store bought fruit is a travesty and a fraud.
I kept the piece of peach. No stomach ache. So it was, all organic. that is what the man said. No, poisons.

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