Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well, there has been a lot going on , at least on TV. Monday and Tuesday was the Westminster Dog show. That was a handsome little guy who won too. I have never been able to pick the winner in all the years I have have watched. But, this year, when this 15" Beagle a real little gentleman, named UNO came out, there was something special about him. Just like 'Little Prince Charming' the pomeraian who won a few years ago. Uno has the same demeanor. Now, I still wasn't sure, But, I was pleased and surprised such a deservering little guy won.
Then on Friday on CBS at 9:PM was the Celine Dion special. That girl can sing. She puts her all into each and every song. She makes it seem like each time she sings, it is the first time. That is SO rare a talent. Pure gold. Sometimes she makes a social gaffe. But, she's a good girl and genuine person.
Saturday was the first race of the new NASCAR Season. Nationwide is sponsering the 'B' team
races this year. It was the DAYTONA, Camping World 300. Tony Stewart won. It was his turn and he broke the 'pole sitter' block.
So, I do have stuff to write about in my journal.

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