Thursday, February 21, 2008


I thought I would share this cookbook with you. It is very fun. I bought it around 1976. That is
when the 'Renaisance Pleasure Fair' was in full swing. And all those movies about the Tudors of Britain and such. Also, there is 'The Creative Anachronism'. Which was well attended. We went the Fair once, and attended two or three exhibitions of the CA.
I was pretty much into entertaining and cooking. I Became interested in the History of real cooking. The kind served to Aristocrats. I think this is one of the first updated books on that subject printed. I have a later book. 'Seven Hundred Years Of English Cooking'. My copy is the 1983 printing. It is a great book too.
Fabulous Feasts is rather novel, I mean I found it very informing. The genesis from then to now, is mostly by the available foodstuffs. Food fashions change. My copy is from the 1976 printing. There are a number of things we don't use. We have better substitutions. Everything is more accessable and, best of all, We have ta,da! 'refrigeration'
There is a recipe on page 159, that I beleive to be an early type of, what we now call: French toast. It is not fried, and is called;'SOPPES DORRE'. Spiced Toast with Almond Sauce. Maybe it is also somewhat like Cinnamon toast.
I find I prefer the appetizer, soup, vegetable recipes. The meat dishes are not to my palate. Fish stomach pie seems out of date for a modern taste. Although I know there are countries where everything is still eaten.
Also, what is amazing and to me humourous, are the meats allowed for Lent. "A loin of walrus in plum sauce , My Lord?"
Walrus live in water, so they were considered 'fish'. In South America, Capybara, live in marches, so are allowed for Lent.

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