Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's good to maintain a youthful attitude. It keep you young. Makes you happy so you can enjoy life. Childlike is one thing, 'childish' is another thing. Childlike is good. People who have a youthful attitude, are happier, healthier and-live longer. Once we become adults, we tend to put ourselves on pedestals, and have the ladder removed. Bad choice. Leave the ladder so you can come down once in awhile. We get too dizzy up there anyway and it interferes with our thinking.
The reason I wrote this entry, came after I had read an entry by Laura over at 'somewhereinnj'.
Whenever she and her two bros. get together, they laugh and tell jokes, reminisce, and have fun the other relalatives think they are being silly and immature. I told her, 'not so'. They are just jealous, because they are unable to be spontaneous too. Some people are embarassed by showing any sort of emotional response. Too bad, they are missing alot of enrichment.

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