Saturday, February 9, 2008


Egad! Today was nothing but chocolate. Chocolate competions. Chocolate festivals. And movies with Chocolate. I think it all has put me off Chocolate. At least for awhile. All because Valentine's Day is this week. Looks like no rain, the floral shops will appreciate that. Delivering flowers during a rainstorm, is total misery for the driver. I not only made arrangements, I have also done certain types of deliveries.
I do not care for Florist's roses. They haven't any fragrance. However, there is a peach rose I like, but drat! I have forgotten the name. And I really like 'Candia', a bi-color rose. My other flower choices are: tulips and lillies.
Somewhere in my computer photo files I have a picture of the Candia Roses. When I find it, I will put it up. (here it is now)
I am just composing this 'in extempore'. ( don't bother to correct me. the sentence is a funny.)
This part is not about chocolate, it's about NASCAR.
The one thing worthwhile today was, the NASCAR Daytona Champions Shootout. 23 cars.
Retricterplate race. Yahoo!!!!! Young Dale Earnhardt won in his new '88' National Guard ride. He finally won. He hasn't been able to win much since his Dad died.
All of our favorite drivers came in, in top. 2-Stewart, 3-Johnson and 4-Jeff Gorden. Yayyyy!

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