Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have been able to do a little sewing for my Little Fashion doll. (9 1/2" tall.) Sometimes I am able go two days without being sick. and my hands don't tremble too much. I am sewing on this nice little 'Teagown' in cotton, which makes it a House Dress, or an 'At Home; dress. In those days, women changed their attire about four to six times a days. depending on their economic status. The wealthy maybe did eight or more. So a woman needed a lot of clothes.
This is a 'princess' style dress. Which means, that it is a gored to fit one piece dress, and hasn't a waist seam. The style was very popular and made in suitible fabrics a fashion that could worn for any function. What I find very ironic and interesting, is that back then, Clothing was very complicated. One had a lot of work to keep clothing wearable.
This dress is made of a soft pink print cotton.
Now we have machine washable and dry cleaning, and clothing is very simple and we have easy care fabric. Somehow history is upside down, in that quarter.

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Endment said...

she is charming - hope you feel up to working on her soon