Monday, January 21, 2008


I have re-written the last part of the part-1. Go back and read it.

We had a very nice time in Edinburgh. It is a pretty place place to visit. We walked 'the Lady's Mile' and did some shopping. I did find a lot i would have liked to buy, except I had to consider, suitcase space and money. I bought a cherry pink cashmere sweater and a length of matching flannel to make skirt with. I never did get skirt made up. But I did wear out the sweater. And what a surprise, the young woman who waited on us, was an exchange student. Turned out she was from the same state and town my Hb. is from. Isn't that something? I went looking for antique shops, and found some things. But, decided to only buy a set of repro Staffordshire dogs made by the Beswick Porcelain co. We went up to Edinburgh castle, My first castle. This is where the coffee incedent took place. Got the tour. I could quite feel the history in the stones. But, I didn't let it overwhelm me. My memories are quite sketchy. We would have liked to have another day. But, it was time to take the train down to London.
I didn't take pictures, I was lazy and didn't want hassle going thru customs and security. So, I would just purchase a booklet of the city. Except, I've lost them now.
Here is pic of the set of porcelain dogs. They sit about 6" tall. I still have them.

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