Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, I watched the Rose Parade again this year. Got to see it at least six times.
I liked all of the floats. They were quite original and the themes very well realized.
It was nice that the weather was good for the parade. All of the bands did well. Loved everyone of the horse groups. Aren't curly coats interesting. Nature likes to through a curve every so often. Just to keep us alert. This year, I'm not sure I have a favorite float. They were all so lovely. A great deal of talent And engineering skill went into each one. Terrific.

Now, just to put in a downer. This Friday past a bunch of drunken underage hooligans, broke into the Robert Frost home in Vermont and totally demolished the inside and part of the outside. Young people seem to have absolutely no regard or empathy for rules of any kind. No, respect, no reverence for other's rights and property. Why is this? Don't their parents teach them anything. They let them grow without supervision. They all end up being savage sociopaths.
This is very like the incident france, where a rabble of young drunen hooligans broke into an Art Museum and vandalized almost all of the precious, valuable artworks.

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