Monday, December 22, 2008


All of this welcome snow, finally stirred up a memory of a snow day up home one year.
It must have been a week vacation for me to be home at that time.
Snow had been forecast, and finally here it came. Started out with small flakes, so we thought , oh won't last long or lay down much after all.
Then, as we watched, the air began to grow thick with flakes and the thicker the snow the bigger the flakes.
I said to Mom and Dad. I have to go out in this! You want to go out in that!? oh, yeah!. I generally do not go when there is any sort of storm. But, this, this was rare. Mom said, you don't have a parka. Yes I do. I know where my old parka is. Ran across it the other day. Boots, did you bring your boots with you? Yep. So, I quick layered up my clothes, put on a scarf around my neck, and scarf on my head under my hood. Put on my finger mittens. This is why I otherwise hate bad weather. All that bundling.
I went out the back door, that way I could walk mostly through the young trees, and not get so snowed on. But, I still step into the snow when I wanted to. The young trees were all ready beginning to droop from the weight of the snow. It was snowing that heavy. All was quiet with only the sound of the falling snow as it landed. Pli, pli , A very soft 'plop' sound. The flakes were huge, between 1 inch to almost an inch and a half wide. Some a good 1/8 inch thick. Very plushy looking. Swirling, dancing as they fell. The longer I was out, the thicker the snowfall. But I always knew where I was, because that's why I stayed in the trees.
I walked through the trees, up to the east side of the mill. Out from Aunt Hazel's. Because from there, was a wide open space and I could watch the snow from under a cedar tree.
It was wonderfully magical. Everything appears so ethereal and otherworldly.
Mesmerizing. All that was needed was for me to see the Snow queen in her crystal sleigh pulled by white horses.
I soon noticed that snow was piling fast, and was almost deeper than my boots. so, time to go back to the house.
Mom said, I was afraid you might get lost in the snow it's falling so thick. I told her where I had been. So, I knew my way through the trees.
Took all my snow gear off on the utility room and brought to the kitchen to dry. Made some hot chocolate and watched the snow through the big glass windows in the front room.
Snowed the rest of the day and all night. We were snowed in come morning.
The dogs did not like the deep snow. Makes ice balls in their fur. Very uncomfortable. That was last time I got to see and play in such a snow fall. I don't think there was another like it. It was blizzard. We don't have those up there.

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