Thursday, December 11, 2008


Have you ever had an opportunity to actually feel the earth turn? To sit on the ground and be conscious of the movement? it is a phenomenal experience. Let me tell you. But, it was one I was never able to duplicate, even by going back and sitting in the same spot. Now, that was disappointing.
One day, during a late summer, I was restless. I told Mom I was going to go watch the sun set. She asked me where I was going to watch. I said, out the backdoor, Down the dog trail to the old log road, to Grandpa's rail fence, climb that. Then walk through the field, half mile up to a clear view of Mt. Shasta.
She said ok.
Well, it took me awhile, I had almost ran out of time when I arrived to where I wanted to be.
The sunset was just beginning to be all full of color. I sat on the dry grass, there was some creosote weed, compositae and stray alfalfa in the turkey grass and the dusty smell of late summer.
I sat there and watched, and as I watched the Sun descend I sort of tipped my head back a little, and-----------
I could actually feel the Earth turn. I could truly feel the ride we all get everyday and never notice. It was not an illusion, because to check, I closed my eyes for a few seconds. That was most deeply devout spiritual feeling I have ever experienced. To just for real know I was one with the Earth and Universe. It was overwhelming, I nearly fainted. But, Instead I got up and started back to the house. before I did. Jeez, Mom and Dad would have believed me to have been gotten by a Lion or Coyotes or something. I didn't want them to have to come looking for me. I made it back just at twilight.
Mom asked, how was the sunset?
I said, incredible, I will tell you later. And went to my bedroom.
I was in my twenties and home from school for the summer.
The next day, I told Mom about it.
She asked me some questions to check my perceptions. and she then knew it had been a very exceptional experience.
I sort of forgot about it. Then oh, maybe a few years later. I went back to the same place at about the same time of year. Never ever happened again. A gift to be given to me only once. However, it is etched in my soul.
Mt. Shasta does have it's own mythology. It is a volcano.
It seems too fantastical for me.

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