Friday, December 26, 2008


What does Christmas mean to a child? The wonder and magical joy of receiving the wished for toy from the symbol of Christmas giving. The incredible tree appears. There is the promise of special treats. But, the toy is the main thing.
I just finished watching this year's 'A Christmas Story' fix. And thought yes, to kids it's 'THE' toy. Was there a special toy or gift that you looked for? Did you ever receive it? Or are you waiting for it yet?
For me, the toys were a doll with extra clothes and then a dollhouse. I did get them eventually, and I have them yet. Although, the doll's clothes are long gone. I also wished for a real china teaset. That, I had to wait for. I bought one for myself when I was an adult. Works out that way sometimes.
My older brother desired a Lionel train and a B-B gun. He did get those too.
My younger brother just wanted everything. Didn't get all of it though. Davy is 10 years younger than me and Bud is 14 years older than Davy. Kid Bro. was always ticked off because he would never be able to catch up with us in age. So he tried to do it with toys.
After my Dad retired and he and Mom were moving to their new home, all the boy's toys were stolen. The train and Tonka toys. I had already taken my toys with me.
My Hb. can only remember a toy farm set and a toy castle fort set. Both of which are long gone as they were passed on. A worse fate for toys I cannot imagine.
I know I had an awful time keeping my things hidden from Mom and kid brother.
I hope to find a true collector to pass them to. Because toys are artifacts and depict an age and life that is past.
I hope some people out there have had a the magical experience of receiving their Christmas wish.

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