Monday, March 10, 2008


Isn't this container of Strawberries luscious looking. They are first crop, first picking of the season. These are from a local grower. They are the best. After this, the berries never seem to taste completely ripe. No matter how red they are.
My Hb. brought these home the other day. They were so very fragrant And they looked so good. I love strawberries. But, I can not eat them anymore. Even just a small bite would set me off. I can eat strawberry flavor Jell-O. But, that is all fake flavor. The Jell-O has never seen a real strawberry.
I used to be able to eat, strawberry short cake. Ice cream, Fresh strawberries with sugar and cream Hmm, yumm. Or with fake sweetener. Milkshakes, strawberry pie.
One time, I asked the server at an Ice Cream shop to make me an all Strawberry Sunday. Well, yes, it was a bit much. It is the only one I ever tried to eat. Never again.
I think the reason I can't eat produce anymore is that you never know where it is grown. or what type of pesticides and fertilizers are used on them.
At home, when and if, I did get a birthday cake. I always asked for a pink strawberry flavor one.
My Dad didn't care for that flavor. He preferred vanilla. But, strawberry I had, and cake is cake and food is food. My brothers didn't care, yes, cake is cake. And a treat is a treat.
After my 'first cake'. I found the recipe for the Jell-O cakes in Lady's Home Journal.
So, that time Mom helped me make a strawberry Jell-O cake, and frosting. Yes, a pink cake. It's pink. Pink being my favorite color. It was quite an adventure for both for us.
I have a black and white photo of that cake. I'll put it up when I find it.
But, what is nice, I can eat Cherry Cordial chocolate candy. We have it for Valentine's Day and Christmas.

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